Senior School

The transition from Junior School to Senior School is an exciting time for students as they commence the next stage in a lifelong educational journey. The Senior School is well resourced with a high-quality program and an exceptional staff to support your child throughout their learning journey.

Looking to transition into Year 7 and want some more information? We have developed an information kit to help parents prepare for senior school - this is for any new parent regardless of if you are joining CCPS or not. The kit has advice from other parents going through or who have just gone through a similar stage, teachers, heads of school and advice from our students! You can download the kit here. 

The Senior School is equipped with facilities and programs including:

  • Spacious classroom design.
  • Enjoyable learning experiences in a caring, accepting and safe environment.
  • Access to a range of facilities and resources in both academic and co-curricular activities.

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For students

What can you expect your day, month or year to look like if you join CCPS? Check out our 2019 Yearbook to find out.

2019 Yearbook

Senior Curriculum

The students' curriculum, programs and opportunities develop as students progress through Senior Year levels. 

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Academic Achievements

In 2019 our Year 12 students achieved very strong academic results. 2019 School Captain, Maxine Innes, achieved an OP 1 - the highest possible ranking. In percentages, 55% of our local CCPS students achieved in the OP band 1 to 10. Only one local student from our twenty-three chose not to sit for an OP; whilst more than fifty per cent of Queensland Year 12 students did not sit for an OP in 2019.

In 2017 our Year 12 students continued the School's strong academic performances, within their chosen divergent career and tertiary education paths. CCPS's 2017 Year 12 OP scores (Overall Performance), in OP ranks 1 to 25, had twenty per cent of our Year 12s in the top category of OP 1 to 5. Our highest OP attaining students were Dux, Sophia La Selva, and Brice de Maroussem. All of our Year 12 students achieved an OP in the 1 to15 range, or they completed a Diploma of Business or Music which is equated to approximately an OP 9. This is a remarkable set of results. 

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