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Welcome to Caloundra City Private School

Caloundra City Private School is located within the beautiful natural environment at Pelican Waters near Pumicestone Passage, Sunshine Coast. Pelican Waters and South Caloundra offer exciting prospects for managed population growth and regional development. Our vibrant young school is well positioned to service this community with all of the benefits Independent Schooling in Queensland offers for girls and boys. As our children learn and grow we anticipate that they will be the wonderful future of this magnificent region which is the Sunshine Coast.

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Student Resilience

What's happening?

CCPS News - 10 September
CCPS News - 10 September

11, September 2020

Our Year 12 students have just finished two weeks of Mock Exams and on Friday night celebrate with their Formal.

CCPS News - 27 August
CCPS News - 27 August

27, August 2020

This week ‘The Educator Online’ posted a story about our great school.

Junior School News - 20 August
Junior School News - 20 August

20, August 2020

Students from City Stars to Year 2 will participate in their Athletics Carnival on Wednesday 26 August. The event will commence at 1.30pm and will continue on until 3pm.

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  • Raelene Boyle Hall
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About the schools

Senior School

The transition from Junior School to Senior School is an exciting time for students as they commence the next stage in a lifelong educational journey. The Senior School is well resourced with a high-quality program and an exceptional staff to support your child throughout their learning journey.

The Senior School is equipped with facilities and programs including:

  • Spacious classroom design.
  • Enjoyable one-on-one learning experiences in a caring, accepting and safe environment.
  • Access to a range of facilities and resources in both academic and co-curricular activities.

Junior School

The Junior School at Caloundra City Private School is an incredible place for learning and incorporates Kindergarten to Year 6. It is staffed with highly qualified early childhood and primary teachers who are dedicated to ensuring that your child has the best possible experiences during their time in the Junior School.

Quality buildings, exciting resources, an engaging curriculum and many additional opportunities are provided for your child during each phase of their development. The Junior School is well resourced with a high-quality programme and an exceptional staff to support your child throughout their learning journey.

The Junior School is equipped with facilities and programs including:

  • Spacious and colourful classroom design, with covered climbing structures and sandpit areas which promote gross and fine motor development.
  • Enjoyable one-on-one learning experiences in a caring, accepting and safe environment.
  • Access to a range of facilities and resources in both academic and co-curricular activities.

Pelican’s Nest Early Learning Centre

Pelican’s Nest, Early Learning Centre is staffed by highly qualified Early Childhood specialists to support your children. We are passionate educators who provide an immersive Nature Play program. Outdoor play and experiences, such as bush walks, feeding the chickens and ducks and growing plants in our permaculture garden enable our educators to teach your children environmental awareness and sustainability in a practical way. Along with this, we run a strong numeracy and literacy program that leverages the resources of CCPS, giving your child the best start to their learning journey.

The Centre is open 51 weeks of the year excluding public holidays. The hours of operation are from 6.30am to 6.30pm.

Programs and curriculum

Our Early Learning Centre provides a developmental curriculum where each individual student’s program is based on their individual interest, progress, readiness and learning style. We working closley with families to ensure your child’s growth and development. More specifically our programs offer:

  • Accredited Nature Play Provider - outdoor play is embedded in our curriculum
  • Library Borrowing Program for Junior and Senior Nest - run at the CCPS library
  • Transition to School Program - to build confidence, wellbeing and school readiness for both Kindy and Prep
  • Individually Responsive Program -  nurtures relationships with each child and our Educators 
  • "Be You", "You Can Do It" and Bush Kindy program to foster social and emotional wellbeing
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City Stars Kindergarten

We know that Kindergarten is an integral part of the lifelong learning process. This is why we run a fully integrated school-based Kindergarten program which aims to prepare your child for Prep and beyond. This program has received an ‘Exceeding National Quality Standard’ rating by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority. This is the highest rating that can be achieved and is a testament to the work of our incredible educator’s.

This program gives your child access to all CCPS facilities and is incorporated into broader school programs and activities. As an example, our City Stars have a buddy class in Year 3 which forms relationships at the start of their Kindergarten year and is carried on throughout the year.

Learning experiences at City Stars Kindergarten are interesting, inviting and challenging. They allow the children to build on existing knowledge and discover new learning, with a particular focus on maximising early literacy and numeracy development.

Like all facets of Caloundra City Private School, we focus on your child’s individual development needs – because every child is different and learning programs are simply not a one size fits all.

We'd love to meet you and your little Star! Book a tour here.

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Michelle Fowler

Michelle Fowler

Junior School Parent

In respect to the actual learning during the past five weeks, it’s fair to say that the incredible remote learning model our school leaders and teachers have implemented has been successful and muchly appreciated. The level of tuition and engagement CCPS teachers have achieved is commendable. It also speaks volumes of our own households too, as the students in all year levels showed great maturity by participating respectfully and applying themselves to their learning. This type of classroom culture and work ethic is not easily achieved without good foundations. 

I have heard from many parents that their child has demonstrated real learning gains and are not nearly as concerned as they were originally about their child “falling behind”. Add that testimony to the confidence that our small cohort enables each teacher the ability to really identify and fill in any gaps of learning that may have happened during this time of remote learning reinforces that CCPS' model of schooling is incredibly advantageous to our children.

Dr Simone Thornton

Dr Simone Thornton

Senior School Parent

Thank you for guiding the school through this difficult time, I have been most impressed with the smooth transitions to date given the unusual set of circumstances we have all faced.

I have been checking in from time to time on Sahara’s classes, and I just wanted to say that I am particularly impressed with Mr Stutz-Grimmond’s teaching. Part of my work is with Indigenous scholars on the topic of increasing representation of Indigenous knowledge in schools and universities and Mr Stutz-Grimmond’s pedagogy and choice of materials is highly commendable, both ethically and practically (it is Sahara’s favourite class!)

Rob and Heather Hartigan

Rob and Heather Hartigan

Senior School Parents

Rob and I just wanted to pass on our sincere thanks to all/everyone at CCPS for the fabulous job you have done in getting our kids learning from home.

The work that has gone on behind the scenes from IT gurus, all staff (principal, teachers, administration etc.) to get everything operational must have been enormous.  For teachers who have had to prepare and present a whole new way of learning – thank you.  It is a testament to everyone at CCPS how smoothly (from a parents perspective), the process has been. 

The relief I felt when Connor and Rhys logged on Tuesday morning to see the bright, bubbly, smiling face of Ms Tralau can’t be underestimated! 

We have tried to impress upon the kids that we should take the opportunity to embrace the challenges we are facing at the moment and try to find innovative and new ways of adjusting to what is the new “normal”.  We could not have done this without CCPS doing the same.