Junior School

The Junior School at Caloundra City Private School is a special place for learning and incorporates Kindergarten to Year 6. It is staffed with highly qualified early childhood and primary teachers who are dedicated to ensuring that your child has the best possible experiences during their time in the Junior School.

Quality buildings, exciting resources, an engaging curriculum and many additional opportunities are provided for your child during each phase of their development. The Junior School is well resourced with a high quality programme and an exceptional staff to support your child throughout his/her learning journey.

The Junior School is equipped with facilities and programs including:

  • Spacious and colourful classroom design, with covered climbing structures and sandpit areas which promote gross and fine motor development.
  • Modern technology resources
    Students in Years P to 3 have access to shared class iPads
    Students in Years 4 to 6 each have BYOD iPads
    Students in Years 7 to 12 each have School provided laptops 
  • Enjoyable learning experiences in a caring, accepting and safe environment.
  • Access to a full range of facilities and resources in both academic and co-curricular activities.


Our City Stars Pre Prep program is based on the developmental needs of each child. Learning experiences are carefully planned and reflect a time in the lives of students when they are growing and learning rapidly. The staff support all children and value them as individuals who will be at different stages of development. The kindergarten students have access to the Computer Laboratory as well as a class set of iPads in their classroom.


At Caloundra City Private School we have highly qualified staff of early childhood teachers dedicated to providing quality learning experiences for our Prep students. Our classrooms are well resourced with hands-on materials, air conditioning,interactive whiteboards and laptops. We have an emphasis on providing high quality programs with a focus on technology. There is a strong focus on developing literacy and numeracy at this level.

Years 1 - 6

Your child's love of learning continues to grow with the essential foundations of literacy and numeracy strongly embedded in daily classroom practices. The School sets high standards in literacy and numeracy and the students are nurtured to reach their potential in a supportive caring environment.

As students make the transition into Senior Schooling they have strong foundations for learning, established friendships and a sense of belonging within the Caloundra City Private School community.

Years 4 - 6 BYOD iPad Purchasing Portal

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program for Years 4 to 6 students continues to be a productive learning initiative for all involved. Caloundra City Private School has partnered with Datacom as our preferred supplier for student iPads to assist parents with procurement of appropriate devices for the BYOD program. We strongly recommend use of the Datacom customised purchasing portal accessed by clicking here.

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