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CCPS News - 10 September 11, September 2020

CCPS News - 10 September

Our Year 12 students have just finished two weeks of Mock Exams and on Friday night celebrate with their Formal, a special evening of glamour and good food.  I am looking forward to accompanying eleven other teachers at the formal.  This is one of the first of final celebrations for our Year 12 students.  It is a time of mixed emotions for us and our Year 12 students as we begin our farewells to them.  We are excited for them too at the prospects of their next exciting phase. 

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CCPS News - 3 September 03, September 2020

CCPS News - 3 September

Research reveals that fathers influence their sons and daughters in different ways, which is especially true during their transition to adolescence. Engaging in regular physical activities can play a key role in influencing children to learn self-control, face challenges, regulate emotions and take manageable risks.

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CCPS News - 27 August 27, August 2020

CCPS News - 27 August

This week ‘The Educator Online’ posted a story about our great school.  This is because we recognise the need to move beyond traditional models of education so that our students are better prepared for the future and as you know we are in the process of transforming the way teaching and learning happens in our classrooms. 

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CCPS News - 20 August 20, August 2020

CCPS News - 20 August

School Captain, Eloise Whitney, with the support of Mrs Hatcher and many of our students acknowledged Humanitarian Day on Wednesday, 19 August.  Students traced their hands on paper, cut these out and attached them to sticks to make a sculpture representing their support of Humanitarian Day.    

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