Choosing the right school for your child

28, August 2017
Choosing the right school for your child

Consider the Osprey. A highly intelligent and active sea hawk, full of personality with beautiful song, and farsighted looking into the future. The Osprey is a fine symbol for Caloundra City Private School and is showcased on our school’s coat of arms.

Like the Osprey, we recognise and support our students’ unique styles and talents, ambitions and dreams. We celebrate each of our students with their skills in diverse fields, including those who are:


  • Golfers
  • Growers
  • Builders
  • Baseballers
  • Footballers
  • Runners
  • Snowskiers
  • Swimmers
  • Surfers
  • Lifesavers
  • Singers
  • Scientists
  • Musicians
  • Mooters
  • Dancers
  • Dramatists
  • Debaters
  • Painters
  • Coders
  • Chess Players
  • Artists, and
  • Apprentices

At Caloundra City Private School, students find their passions and prepare to soar into their own unique futures. We encourage students to seek their own directions, urging them to fly over seas and see new perspectives. Many teachers report that the primary motivation for them choosing teaching as their career path was the intrinsic value of the profession; followed by their teaching ability and a desire to shape the lives of young people. Our Teachers are also inspirational in their own fields, as well as in their subject areas of teaching. They have a passion for trying new ideas!

The Osprey doesn’t soar alone, and musically calls to its partner. At Caloundra City Private School, we teach our students the value of collaborative and group work, with both junior and senior students learning to work together through mentoring the younger years’. Out students love learning at Caloundra City Private School, they love their friends, and some say they love the chickens and the ducks! They love to work together. Our Teachers love to help our students explore and soar.

Reach out to us today for a personal tour of our facilities and watch your children light up with excitement.  

Dr Dirk Wellham


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