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History of Caloundra City Private School 16, August 2017

History of Caloundra City Private School

In the short twelve years of CCPS history, a lot of progress has been made and many events have been staged. Our small school has the great privilege of a wonderful school community supporting and encouraging our students to continue striving.  As a result, the last twelve years have transformed CCPS for the better, offering bigger and better things, year-on-year.

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School Promotions and Development 28, July 2017

School Promotions and Development

During the June/July school holidays, my wife and I spent 19 days travelling across the United States of America. Driving across the nation, we stopped in to visit a number of schools in Washington DC, Raleigh NC, Charleston SC, and Savannah GA.

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Transitioning to Prep:  Getting ready to start school 17, July 2017

Transitioning to Prep:  Getting ready to start school

Many parents of four-year-old children often find themselves wondering if their child is ready to start school. There are many aspects that need to be considered when making this important decision; the right decision will vary depending on the needs of each individual child. 

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Upcoming Events


Prep Excursion

Parents welcome 08:00 to 15:00


Year 6 Canberra Trip

Students visit Canberra, Sydney and the snow 08:00 to 15:00