Employment Opportunities

Teacher Librarian – Junior & Senior School

Supervisor’s Title: Principal


The mission of CCPS is to provide an outstanding educational environment that is vibrant and exciting and a place of exceptional standards in a nurturing setting with emphasis on the care and individual attention of each and every student. Academic excellence, self-discipline and gracious social manners are cultivated and full student participation in the learning, pastoral and co- curricular activities of the school are encouraged and valued.

The School’s fresh and innovative approach helps develop happy and respectful young people. Within this technologically pioneering environment, students are able to realise their individual dreams and optimise their potential for a successful future.

Major Purpose:

To develop and deliver high quality teaching programmes that encourage students to achieve academically and to become lifelong learners.

To assist students to develop to their fullest potential by encouraging and supporting their participation in co-curricular activities and by role modelling appropriate behaviours and providing pastoral care.

Major Accountabilities:

  1. Develop and use suitable teaching strategies and approaches that cater for the
  2. developmental needs of a wide range of student needs in line with school expectations.
  3. Thoroughly plan, prepare and teach units as requested that reflect a thorough knowledge of relevant curriculum and Caloundra City Private School units of work.
  4. Supervise students in timetabled classes, occasional supervision periods, on playground duty and at School functions that staff and students are expected to attend.
  5. Utilise and manage technology and teaching/learning resources to maximise the opportunity for excellent teaching that engages children in learning and reflects best practice.
  6. Developandimplementappropriateassessment,portfolioandreportingprocessesto assist and monitor learning, as well as for measurement and reporting, in line with School expectations.
  7. Display an exemplary professional demeanour by role modelling behaviours that supports ethical and inclusive behaviour, responsibility, flexibility, adaptability, initiative, integrity, honesty and respect.
  8. Participate fully in School Committees as appropriate to share practice and knowledge that contribute to the development of teaching excellence.
  9. Participate fully in the co-curricular program and use this opportunity to engender a team spirit among the students.
  10. Maintainmembershipofappropriateprofessionalbodiesandparticipateactivelyin professional development activities as a way of reflecting on teaching with a view to improve and where appropriate be involved in conducting PD for staff.
  11. Contribute toward the pastoral care for all students in line with School policy.
  12. Communicate effectively and proactively with teaching colleagues, parents, students and administrative staff while building caring relationships with students.
  13. Carry out administrative duties appropriate to a classroom teacher in an effective and efficient manner in line with School policies.
  14. Participate in the yearly Performance Appraisal Process.
  15. Manage student behaviour positively and effectively in line with School policies.
  16. Establish a classroom environment that is highly organised, well-presented and reflective of teaching excellence.
  17. Develop and implement integrated information technology across curriculum areas.
  18. Maintain a presentation of professional dress in keeping with the high standards at Caloundra City Private School.

Key Responsibilities for the Teacher Librarian:

Key Position Responsibilities for the Teacher Librarian will include but not be limited to the following:

Learning and Teaching

  • Work closely with Curriculum Leaders in the Junior and Senior Schools, regarding Curriculum and Pedagogy;
  • Undertake teaching in the DEM Library as required by the Principal including but not limited to reading with students, Information
  • Literacy/Inquiry lessons, and Alternative Pathway programs;
  • Develop inquiry and research skills for all library users, both students and teachers
  • Collaboratively plan and teach units of work with Junior and Senior school teachers;
  • Assist Year 11/12 students with their Independent Learning in collaboration with relevant Secondary School staff;
  • Assist in the preparation of lessons where the access, synthesis and presentation of information is required;
  • Support teachers to develop and implement programs that will enhance understanding in the use of digital pedagogies; and
  • Communicate information about curriculum, programs and services by:
    • Distributing information to teachers relevant to their learning area
    • Publishing DEM Library programs, services and coordinating
    • DEM Library articles for the newsletter and Facebook
    • Being informed about new initiatives or directions proposed
    • Attend relevant sub school meetings


  • Create and maintain, a warm, welcoming and accessible learning environment for students where they are valued and assisted with their information needs;
  • Assist students to effectively seek, critically evaluate, synthesise and present information using a range of resources and technologies;
  • Be inclusive of the diverse needs of learners;
  • Promote and foster a love of literature through events such as Readers
  • Cup, external competitions and Bookfairs;
  • Promote and support the DEM Library as a place of learning and study, with
  • flexible working hours between 8am - 4pm;
  • Assist in developing an inclusive and engaging schedule of interactive
  • activities at lunchtime for both Primary and Secondary School students;
  • Coordinate displays, special events and activities such as bookweek to
  • support student learning; ·
  • Institute procedures and guidelines to manage student behaviour and learning during Independent Learning lessons; and Act as the Distance Education Co-ordinator to manage Distance Education students' learning and assessment by liaising with the Distance Education provider, developing Distance Education lesson and assessment timetables and monitoring student progress.


  • Utilise online systems to disseminate information about the DEM Library eg DEM Library updates, new resources, special themes, special activities etc;
  • Assist with the planning, acquisition, management of, and access to all facets of Library Services, including electronic, print and physical resources;
  • Contribute to the cataloguing and classification of resources;
  • Work within the approved annual budget; and
  • Sustain a high level of professional knowledge;

Selection Criteria, Skills and Experience

  1. Completion of degree or post graduate-level library and infonmation studies, conferring eligibility for associate membership of the Australian Library and Information Association. Completion of relevant teaching qualifications.
    The successful applicant will be an enthusiastic, self-motivated person and have:
    • Advanced practical knowledge and understanding of infonmation literacy and technology.
    • Highly developed "people" skills to work effectively with all members of the School community.
    • The ability to work both independently and as part of a team.
    • High-level communication skills (oral and written).
    • High self-achievement standards.
    • Initiative and creativity, and the ability to successfully implement new ideas.
    • The capacity to cope well with change.
    • Demonstrated staff management and leadership skills. Well-developed analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills. Learn, or be able to use, the automated library management system. Ability to acquire skills in a variety of software applications.
    • The successful applicant must possess current registration with the Queensland College of Teachers
  2. Demonstrated evidence of advanced information literacy skills and the ability to effectively model and teach these to DEM Library clients, utilising a variety of digital and hardcopy research tools;
  3. Advanced ICT skills, including web page design/construction abilities, Knowledge of Facebook (desirable)
  4. Demonstrated ability to use a range of technologies for the provision of information and library services;
  5. Demonstrated capacity to be self-motivated, to actively seek new challenges and adapt to changing information environments;
  6. Proven strong client focus and a commitment to providing effective services to clients;
  7. Demonstrated experience in communicating effectively with people;
  8. Demonstrated ability to effectively work within and support a team environment; and
  9. Demonstrated evidence of quality classroom teaching practice.

Application submission information:

The Principal
Caloundra City Private School
PO Box 542, Golden Beach Q 4551


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