Caloundra City Private School is governed by an independent Board of Directors. Good governance is largely determined by the wealth of experience and expertise of the Board of Directors and CCPS is fortunate to have a very experienced Board.

The Board’s responsibility is to set the philosophy, ethos and direction of the School, while the Principal’s role is to ensure that this philosophy and direction is translated into reality. Good governance is a critical factor in the growth and development of a fine independent school like Caloundra City Private School.

Board of Directors

Our Board operates through a Committee structure of four committees: Finance, Building, Audit and Compliance and Marketing Committees.

The Chairman of the Board, Mr Roy Henzell, is closely associated with the school and has a daughter attending Caloundra City Private School. Mr Henzell has a wealth of experience in the corporate sector and brings tremendous drive and initiative to the Board.


Board Chairman: Mr Roy Henzell
Directors: Dr Rebecca Kidd
  Mr Greg Coleman
  Mrs Kate Morris
  Dr Jeff Ford
  Mr Malcolm Holland
  Mr Jim Cossart
  Mrs Marina Baldwin
  Mr Bruce Sargent
Company Secretary: Mrs Melinda Short