Sport, HPE and Outdoor Education

Sport, Health and Physical Education (HPE) and Outdoor Education

Sport, HPE and Outdoor Education at Caloundra City Private School caters to all age groups and abilities in a supportive and positive environment to encourage physical activity participation and enjoyment. Our primary focus is on participation which builds students' self-esteem and confidence in addition to improving their physical and social skills. These abilities contribute to the culture, standard and ambiance of the school.  

Prep to Year 6

Students in Prep to Year 6 have sport twice a week. We run one forty-five minute specialist practical lesson per week with a HPE teacher, and the other is run through their classroom teacher. In the younger years, this program is aimed at increasing students' fundamental motor development skills through the experience of various modified games. In the later years, we focus on increasing students' knowledge, understanding and skill level in various modified games. These programs also assist the development of students' interpersonal, communication and co-operation skills as well as encouraging sportsmanship. In addition to these sporting programs we run:

  • Beach Skills and Surf Safety lessons
  • Swimming lessons
  • Bike Education and Cycle Skills (Year 3 to 5)

Years 7 to 10


Students in Years 7 to 10 participate in a weekly dedicated sports afternoon. This is designed to encourage participation in various sports, allow students to be active in sports with their peers and ensure that students are achieving the recommended amount of physical activity per week. Students rotate through 4 different activities throughout the year, each term they will focus on one activity for five weeks with coaches and professionals in that industry. 

Health and Physical Education Program

Students in Years 7 to 10 participate in one forty-five minute theory lesson and one ninety-minute practical lesson per week. All theoretical components co-relate to practical lessons. The students' main focus during practical lessons is to exercise spatial awareness, communication, co-ordination and to increase their broad base of skills required for participation in a variety of sports.

Co-curricular Program

CCPS offers an extensive co-curricular program. These programs do change throughout the year and all activities are available to students in the Junior and Senior Schools. These activities are designed to complement interschool sport, health and physical education programs to further develop their skills.

Outdoor Education

CCPS runs a national and international outdoor education program that forms a core part of our wellbeing program for students. These expeditions are designed to challenge students mentally and physically, disconnect from devices and the hustle and bustle of day to day life. Students detox from all social pressures and reconnect with their thoughts and feelings in an unpredictable environment that can be testing and challenging. Contact with students is limited to ensure they get the most of these experiences. These programs are optional, however, they are greatly beneficial to student independence, resilience and their overall holistic development. 

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