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Episode 15 - Graduation Day for the Class of 2017!

22, November 2017

November 17th marked the end of a long year for the Year 12 students of CCPS. In this episode Tracy Burton captures the spirit of the day by interviewing our principal Dr Welham, our Head of Senior School Ms Amanda student, proud parents and indeed, the graduating class of 2017.

Finishing high school is such a significant event for the students, their parents, extended family, friends and of course, their Teachers. I am always so proud and happy for graduating students… it’s also an emotional time because we are saying goodbye to teens we have taught, guided and cared for, for many years. Through musical performances, school camps, sporting competitions and of course classroom teaching, we have learned and grown together.

We wish our entire school community a very merry Christmas and happy holiday season. See you in the New Year.

Episode 14 - Learning the Japanese Language

24, October 2017

In this episode Tracy Burton explores the benefits of learning a language. Here at CCPS our students are given the opportunity to study the language of Japanese through to Year 12. The importance of learning a language cannot be underestimated – the learning goes beyond the written and spoken word, where students learn valuable cultural and contextual knowledge about this important country in our region. In additional to learning the subject, our students are given the opportunity to engage with students from Japan through the many study tours we host as well as travel to Japan to visit our associated schools. So what are the benefits of learning a language? 
Later in this episode I chat to two of our senior students currently studying Japanese, and we were fortunate enough to host a tour doing the recording of this podcast so you will hear from the students a Junior High School is Nagano. First up, I speak to our wonderful Japanese teacher Ms Michiko Matsumoto.

For more information about the subject of Japanese, please contact the school's administration.

Episode 12 - Improving the Well Being of Teenage Girls

03, August 2017

In this Episode, Tracy Burton interviews Linda Stade, the Research Officer at Santa Maria College, an all girls school, in Perth. Through her Santa Maria Education blog and Facebook page “Knowing Girls”, Linda shares valuable information on the latest research relating to educating and raising girls. If you would like to follow Linda’s blog, visit the Santa Maria College website or checkout her Facebook page “Knowing Girls”. Links are provided below:



Episode 8 Current Perspectives on Early Childhood Education

28, April 2017

In this episode, Tracy Burton interviews David Gilkes, an early childhood teacher from Illawarra Primary School in Hobart. David has been a passionate and highly regarded early childhood educator for 23 years having completed his Bachelor of Education at Flinders University in 1993 and in 2013, a Master of Early Childhood Education through Griffith University. He has worked mainly with four and five year old children and their families, in both government and independent settings in the ACT and Tasmania and has been awarded a National Excellence in Teaching award for Innovation in Early Childhood education.

David has been inspired by the Reggio Emilia educational project for many years and has been fortunate enough to have participated in Study Tours to this Italian city on three occasions. He is currently convener of the Tasmanian Reggio Emilia Network and has presented, consulted and written widely and frequently on issues of education.


If you are interested in the Reggio Emilia educational project, go to www.reggioaustralia.org.au

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