Episode 18 - Queensland Delivers New Subjects

29, March 2018

In this episode, Tracy Burton looks at two exciting subjects in the Queensland curriculum.

Here at CCPS we offer two new subjects: Philosophical Inquiry and Media Arts. The subject of Media Arts will be explored in a future podcast. In this episode, Tracy Burton chats to one of the teachers of Philosophical Inquiry, Mr Tim Ricketts as he explains this innovative new subject.

Additionally, late last year Tracy was fortunate enough to travel to Melbourne to attend the annual conference for the VCE subject of Psychology – a subject that Queensland will now offer for the first time. What can students learn by studying Psychology and why is it so popular?

In this interview, Tracy speaks to a highly experienced and accomplished VCE Psychology teacher, Ms Anna Marazita.

Stay tuned for future podcasts on Media Arts and the roll out of the new Senior Curriculum for Year 11 next year. For more information about the new courses being offered in the new QLD curriculum, visit the QCAA website.

Episode 17 - Raising Stress-Proof Kids

06, March 2018

In this episode, Tracy Burton interviews Dr Shelley Davidow, a lecturer in curriculum and pedagogy at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Dr Davidow is also an international author and educator. For the past twenty years she has written and taught in various settings around the world, and is an advocate for social justice and the mitigating the effects of stress on children both at home and in the classroom. Dr Davidow's research into the physical effects of stress and anxiety on the body; particularly the nervous system is truly fascinating. Her books include the recently released Raising Stress-Proof Kids (Exisle 2014, Familius, 2015).

Episode 16: Supporting kids through tough times

05, February 2018

In the first episode of 2018, Tracy Burton talks to Dr Ali Black - a highly regarded early childhood specialist who lectures in Education at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Dr Black is an innovative arts-based and narrative researcher who seeks to foster connectedness, community, wellbeing and meaning-making through the building of reflective and creative lives and identities. She is widely published and considered an expert in several areas of early childhood education.

Episode 15 - Graduation Day for the Class of 2017!

22, November 2017

November 17th marked the end of a long year for the Year 12 students of CCPS. In this episode Tracy Burton captures the spirit of the day by interviewing our principal Dr Welham, our Head of Senior School Ms Amanda student, proud parents and indeed, the graduating class of 2017.

Finishing high school is such a significant event for the students, their parents, extended family, friends and of course, their Teachers. I am always so proud and happy for graduating students… it’s also an emotional time because we are saying goodbye to teens we have taught, guided and cared for, for many years. Through musical performances, school camps, sporting competitions and of course classroom teaching, we have learned and grown together.

We wish our entire school community a very merry Christmas and happy holiday season. See you in the New Year.

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