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Episode 26 - Nature Based Pedagogy

31, October 2018

In this episode Tracy Burton interviews Melissa Franklin and Kerry Cook. Melissa has worked in Early Education for over 20 years, and has been the Director at Pelicans Nest since 2017. Kerry has over 35 years experience in Early Education and is currently the Early Childhood Teacher at Pelicans Nest. Both Melissa and Kerry are passionate about Nature Based Pedagogy, and building social and emotional competence through nature based curriculum.

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Episode 25 - A good sleep

19, October 2018

In this episode Tracy Burton talks to Kelly Callaghan, a Clinical and Educational and Developmental psychologist working here in Caloundra. As a specialist psychologist she has over 20 years of experience working with children and adults and is also trained in cognitive and learning assessment and diagnosis. Kelly recognises the stressors that come from a world of changing times and increasing work and family demands and the need for coping strategies for thinking, emotions and behaviour.

The importance of sleep to the growing teenage brain is valuable indeed. Research show that the effects of poor sleep or sleep deprivation can affect behaviour, memory, learning and wellbeing. So how can children and teens best achieve ‘good sleep’ and what are some of the potential barriers to achieving quality, restorative sleep?

If you would like to know more about this topic or discuss any concerns you may have, Kelly works with Caloundra Psychological Services, 4th Avenue ph. 54925588.

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Episode 24 - Be Confident with Cash

19, September 2018

In this episode Tracy Burton interviews Mr Troy Walsh, the Secondary School Facilitator for Start Smart with the Commonwealth Bank. Mr Walsh was invited to speak at CCPS to engage and empower our senior students to make confident financial choices.

So what is ‘financial literacy’ and why are these skills so important for today’s teenagers… and how do you change the way young people learn about finance?

For more information about the Start Smart program visit:

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Episode 23 - Our Global Village

21, August 2018

In this podcast, Tracy Burton interviews Barbara Seaward - Head of Department Senior Schooling / Languages at Kawana Waters State College and District Panel Chair for Chinese on the Sunshine Coast.

Here at CCPS, our International learning programs with Scotland, Canada, Japan, Mainland China, Macau, Hong Kong, and recently Vietnam and India/Nepal, have all contributed to our student’s understanding of their place in the world.  Each country’s cultures, histories and individual children help the CCPS community engage with the world - to explore, to learn, and to create. Our Chinese international program embraces the global village we live in.  So what are the challenges our international students face in an Australian school? What do teachers need to be aware of in terms of learning styles and language challenges? And what are the benefits of International immersion for our domestic students?

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