Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions & Terms

  1. How many Community Scholarships do you award?
    This varies annually and at each year level and depends on the applications. Up to three scholarships per year level, year 6-11 will be awarded for the commencement of Term 4 2019. 
  2. At what rate are scholarships awarded? The school awards scholarships for 25% to 75% of the tuition fee. This amount is decided on the individual basis.

    Please note that the scholarships apply to the tuition fee only and that other levies and charges will apply.
  3. Where do I send my application?
    Please mail or hand deliver to:

    Caloundra City Private School
    P.O Box 542
    Golden Beach QLD 4551

    Alternatively email your application and all documents to
  4. Why do I have to attend a tour before applying for a scholarship?
    We require families to visit the school before applying to ensure you and your son/daughter are confident that Caloundra City Private School is the right school for you.
  5. If my child is successful what do I do to accept the scholarship?
    If the Principal offers your child a scholarship, acceptance is required within 2 business days of the offer together with $150 enrolment application fee and $500 confirmation deposit (non-refundable).
  6. What happens if I accept a scholarship and change my mind?
    All fees paid to date would be forfeited.
  7. I am a current student. Can I apply for a Community Scholarship?
    Current CCPS students can apply for Academic and General Excellence Scholarships which we offer each year to internal and external applicants.

    The 2019 Community Scholarships for offer in Term 4 are for external applicants only. 

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