What our students say

Emily Lawler - Student

Student Emily LawlerI love being able to play the clarinet in the Caloundra City Private School band. It is a really fun and rewarding experience! It is great to perform with the band on assemblies and other special occasions. Caloundra City Private School is also a very welcoming school and we have a great technology program where we get our own laptop from Year Five to Year Twelve.

- Emily Lawler




Hannah Stuart - Student

Student Hannah StewartMy school is the best!

The teachers are inspiring and kind. The subjects I enjoy most are Music and Visual Art. Last year I performed in the School Musical, which was really fun.

- Hannah Stewart

Melissa Lock - Class of 2010

Former Student Melissa LockMy experience here at Caloundra City Private School was incredibly rewarding. Some of my highlights were being vice & school captain as well as my exchange to Canada.

With the small class sizes and great teachers I was able to obtain excellent educational opportunities. Because of this I was successful in achieving the university course I wanted to study at the University of Queensland.

- Melissa Lock

Alex Fowler - 2011 School Captain

During my 5 years at Caloundra City Private School, the opportunities I had were endless. From Leadership opportunities to Student Exchanges I believe that I had chances to be parts of things that have helped me in life after graduating from year 12.

I was fortunate enough to go on a student exchange to Canada in year 11 and made lifelong friends from what can only be described as a life changing experience. From being a Class and House Captain, in year 12 I was the School Captain and thoroughly enjoyed the role of leadership at 'CCPS' and feel that it evolved my communication skills which helped me to decide on a career path.

I am now studying Public Relations (PR) at USC and feel my leadership opportunities and exchange have shaped me into the person I am today. After completing my degree I hope to either become a teacher or become a Public Relations Consultant.

- Alex Fowler

Maddison Hoskin - Class of 2012

Maddison HoskinsI am most grateful for having been given the opportunity to complete a School Based Traineeship in Sport and Recreation. This has allowed me to work with the HPE teacher and encourage the younger students in sport which I really enjoy.

- Maddison Hoskin

Andrew Liley - Class of 2013 School Captain

Andrew LileyAt Caloundra City Private School teachers are always willing to make time to talk about any problems and inspire and help me develop my thinking on many subjects.

- Andrew Liley



Jennifer Norton - School Captain 2012

Jennifer NortonFocusing on student satisfaction, Caloundra City Private School is a completely unique and caters for each individual program. It allows flexibility in its programs, such as my custom designed timetable which allows for my external music lessons.

With life changing opportunities from Prep to Year 12, CCPS is completely distinctive from other schools in the area. Offering programs such as sports competitions, innovative technology and overseas exchanges, I have been lucky enough to be selected for several once in a lifetime events such as the exchange to Scotland. Such eventful and exclusive programs are unique only to CCPS, and I am lucky enough to have developed not only as a student, but as a person on such programs.

- Jennifer Norton

What our parents say

Captain Peter Liley - Parent

Photo to come.We choose CCPS for it's size, location and calibre of it's staff. We choose to keep Andrew with CCPS for the brilliant mix of modern teaching coupled with the longstanding principles of integrity, trust, manners and hard work.

- Captain Peter Liley


Natarsha Turner - Parent

Natarsha TurnerOne of the most important decisions we make as parents is the school we select for our children's education.

We know we have made the right decision sending our three children to Caloundra City Private as this school provides our children with the most up to date education practices in the country.

The teachers have outstanding commitment and show a real and genuine interest in the children. Our whole family benefits from the schools values which are instilled into our children, and above all our children love and enjoy their school life.

- Natarsha Turner

What our staff say

Dr Dirk Wellham - Principal

Caloundra City Private School is a safe, happy and innovative learning environment where each student is specifically supported by our Staff. We acknowledge that Effort is important in our students’ learning.The School was named in the top 10% in Queensland for 2011 NAPLAN results and top 20% in Australia. In a recent parent survey,  94% of parents are very satisfied or satisfied with the quality of the School's teaching and learning program and 97% with the quality of the School's Teachers and level of care of students.

 - Dr Dirk Wellham

Gabrielle Frisby - Head of Junior School

Head of Junior School Gabrielle FrisbyI have been a member of staff at Caloundra City Private School for 6 years and during this time I have had the very rewarding experience of working with the great students, parents and staff that constitute our wonderful school community.

The school acknowledges that education involves the development of the whole person – intellectual, physical, emotional, social and moral and accordingly provides a wide variety of academic, cultural, sporting and extra-curricular opportunities for all students.

The teachers proactively promote curriculum delivery that is futures driven and dynamic and all students are nurtured to reach their potential in a supportive caring environment.

- Mrs Gabrielle Frisby

Gerard Maguire - Chaplain and Year 6 Teacher

Gerard MaguireThroughout my five years at Caloundra City Private School I have valued the sense of community and family that can only truly exist in a smaller school setting.  CCPS is unique in that it educates the whole person in ways that mirror the values of the diverse clientele we have, from all walks of life and all points of the globe. Being a non-denominational school allows us the flexibility and independence to focus specifically on the essentials of a good life within the framework of both an Australian curriculum and an Australian identity.

- Gerard Maguire

Nicola Staff - Teacher

Nicky Burr Teacher at Sunshine Coast school - CCPSIt's a real privilege to work at this school. The teachers I work with are all so dedicated, caring, professional and hard working.

The families at our school are positive and supportive and they make up a fantastic school community. I've been able to teach children of different ages in the Junior School and I've thoroughly enjoyed every year I've been here.

Our school values of excellence, integrity and learning are visible every day. Teachers are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to implement curriculum changes and keep learning exciting and diverse. Each student here works towards personal and academic goals and every day we discuss values like tolerance, understanding, honesty and lifelong learning.

- Nicola Burr

Tim Ricketts - Senior Form Teacher

Tim RickettsI can remember very clearly the first time that I visited the school. It had a very special aura to it. I know now the school takes great pride in appearance. The school grounds and surroundings look good. The students look smart. The teachers dress professionally. This conveys the clear message that education is important at CCPS. But it was more than just appearance. There was a tangible feeling that this was a great place to learn.

I enjoy teaching at CCPS. The classrooms are big and bright. There are wonderful resources available to both teachers and students. The school philosophy encourages each student to perform to the best of their ability and I take that challenge into the classroom. Students have the opportunity to engage with the learning process whatever their preferred learning style.

- Tim Ricketts

Bino and Nyui Hasegawa - Japanese Students

Bino and Nyui Hasegawa We came to Caloundra City Private School in November 2011. We had problems speaking and listening English when we came here however after spending time in Australia for a few months, our English skills started improving as well as our school results. This is thanks to the support of our host family and our school teachers at CCPS. The study schedule and many assignments is really hard sometimes but when we remember about that later, we realised that it is a really valuable experience for our future life.  We are so glad that we have been able to meet the expectations of the teachers. We would recommend CCPS and the community to anyone seeking International schooling.

- Bino and Nyui Hasegawa