Swim Carnival 09, February 2011

Swim Carnival

closely followed by Munns House in the Year 4 to 12 Swim Carnival held at the Caloundra Aquatic Centre on Thursday 10th February. It was a gruelling competition between all houses and Ford House excelled themselves to come back and defeat Munns House.

Age Champions 2011

Year born          Male                     Female
2002                 Harry Bailey          Billie Petty
2001                 Dante Dreyer        Jamie Towner
2000                 Nava McDonald     Sarah Geange
                                                      Tayla Pleszkun
1999                 Zac Lenkeith         Mikayla Coleman
1998                 Bailey Pointon       Jessica Hoskin
1997                 Sam Walker          Abbey Renniers
1996                 Andrew Liley         Taylor Hayward
1995                 Woody Hill             Maddison Hoskin
1994+               Keegan Hoskin      Shakira Ramsdell

                 FINAL HOUSE SCORES

FORD         417
MUNNS      384
MCLEAN     335
HENZELL    267

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