CCPS News - 6 August 06, August 2020

CCPS News - 6 August

Thank you to those who were able to make it to the School Direction Information Evening on Tuesday, 4 August.  Dr Dorrington spoke to a theoretical document he has written about education, its future and flaws that he presented to the School Board on Saturday 18 July.  There is an abundance of material available to help us understand the challenges that await our young people and the need to re-think the way we prepare our students for the world of work. 
Here are a few youtube clips we watched/spoke about on Tuesday:

Dr Dorrington spoke about the changing nature of work due to technology and what he suggests schools need to do to meet this challenge - focusing on the development of transferrable skills and ensuring our students are set up for success beyond school.  Within our context at Caloundra City Private School, we have identified ten transferrable skills:

  • A Global Perspective - age appropriate awareness of global issues
  • A Futures Orientation - informed about and prepared for the future
  • A capacity to work in teams - developed through a shared framework
  • Learning Network - beyond the classroom and teacher
  • The ability to apply interdisciplinary knowledge and skills
  • Creative problem solving
  • Strong literacy and numeracy skills
  • A focus on STEAM
  • Multi-faceted communication skills
  • Self-mastery through PERMAH:

- understanding of self through positive emotion
- engagement in the moments
- building relationships that are meaningful and grow confidence
- finding meaning through self-reflection
- building self-efficacy through self-regulation and accomplishments
- focusing on the importance of health.  All of this equals wellbeing

The most important of these is number 10 because it is about the wellbeing of each of our students.  For learning to occur students need to feel safe, healthy and be part of a supportive learning environment where connected relationships and a caring community gives them a sense of belonging.  Each individual student is to be known at CCPS and CCPS is to be known for providing an education for the mid-21st Century. 
I also spoke about the importance of building a positive culture, our vision, goals and what is already happening this year and what is planned next.  We are in the process of reviewing the P – 6 curriculum and rewriting the 7 – 10 curriculum with a focus on integrating our CCPS ten transferrable skills.  We have four focus areas: 

  • Wellbeing and Positive Education;
  • Teaching and Learning – this includes particular emphasis on quality teaching to increase academic achievement, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics), Project-based Learning and Digital literacy;
  • Community – inside and outside the school (with a focus on service);
  • CCPS brand refresh and website redesign.

We are excited to be on this journey with you and your sons and daughters.  Ultimately we measure our success, by our students’ happiness and success during and beyond school.

Warm regards,
Mrs Sherrie Cuthbert

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