CCPS News - 27 August 27, August 2020

CCPS News - 27 August

This week ‘The Educator Online’ posted a story about our great school.  This is because we recognise the need to move beyond traditional models of education so that our students are better prepared for the future and as you know we are in the process of transforming the way teaching and learning happens in our classrooms.  The article speaks about how the pandemic cemented our direction, tackling digital distractions, a bigger focus on wellbeing and building transferrable skills for life.

Here is a snippet from the 'pandemic cemented our direction' segment:

While the pandemic has caused, and continues to cause challenges for us all, it has cemented for us the direction we had planned, in consultation, for our school.  It highlighted the need for all educators to focus on teaching our students transferrable skills which is a focus of our strategic plan.  As it turns out, our first identified transferrable skill is a global perspective.  The pandemic revealed to us all the impact of a pandemic due to globalization and the need for us to all do our bit.  It was a lesson in building awareness of global issues and how they impact us all. 

Here is a snippet from the 'wellbeing' segment:

No learning happens and no growth is made academically if students do not feel safe, connected, healthy and happy.  We focus on students learning who they are and what they value through self-reflection and building relationships with teachers and each other that are safe and meaningful so students are able to grow confidence, and thus build self-efficacy.  This is paramount to success - a belief in themselves and what they stand for through evidence and accomplishments. 

Our aim is to develop creative, connected, confident and engaged young people and we do this well due to our small-school philosophy.  A small school allows for each important individual student to be known and we want our students to be known for having the skills to be successful in the mid-21st Century.

If you would like to read the whole article it is available here.

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Mrs Sherrie Cuthbert

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