CCPS News - 25 June 25, June 2020

CCPS News - 25 June

I would like to take an opportunity to wish all of our students a relaxing holiday.  They have worked hard during Term 2 and deserve a rest in order to reboot, ready for Term 3.  Term 2 has had two distinct parts that are like no other; five weeks of at-home learning and five weeks of at-school learning.  It has been a time of reflection for us all, and in many cases we have gained a new appreciation for many things we may have previously taken for granted. 

Part of my Principal’s role at CCPS is overseeing the academics from P-12, but I also have specific responsibility for the academic program in Years 7 – 12.  Dr McMahon oversees the student wellbeing as Head of Students and I look after the academic program, so I am also the Head of Academics (7 – 12).   We are in the process of rewriting our curriculum in Years 7 – 10, and the new Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance Program (Years 11 and 12) is only in its first full cycle.  We are working to create genuine links between the Junior and Senior School as we are a P – 12 school, after all.  Stay tuned for some new innovations in Semester 2 and beyond.  I am going to include in my newsletter an example of one of the many changes we have made at CCPS in 2020, while not all are innovative, all are designed to further the development of our students and create a positive, learning community.  

This week students in Years 7 – 12 have formally reflected on their semester reports.    We asked students to consider their best Attitude to Learning category and why they thought this was the case.  Attitudes to Learning in the Senior School are: Participation in Learning, Organisation/Work Completion and Personal Responsibility.  We then asked students to reflect on what they found was their most challenging Attitude to Learning and brainstorm specific strategies they felt might work to address this challenge.  Some strategies students considered were; study daily and in different ways, begin tasks early, work out a system to be organised, make the most of each class by listening, concentrating on the task, asking questions, taking good notes, talking to the teacher, other students and other adults about school work.  They then need to come up with some strategies that would work for them, as well as set goals for Term 3.  These reflections will appear on semester reports and are not being edited by a teacher as we want them to authentic. 

Reflection is such an important part of life.  It helps us gain insight about ourselves and see how to move forward.  Often in our busy lives we are too focused on what is next and not enough on we can learn from the past.  After reflecting, Semester 2 provides an opportunity for students to learn and grow connecting previous experiences to future actions. 

I am looking forward to seeing our parents more in Term 3 as restrictions ease.   

Warm regards,
Sherrie Cuthbert

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