CCPS News - 23 July 24, July 2020

CCPS News - 23 July

Last week was NAIDOC week, which takes place each year in Australia to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. To mark NAIDOC week at CCPS, the Service Captains, Year 11 students, Trinity Bennie and James Donnelly ran a colouring competition this week.  There were three categories: Prep - Year 3, Years 4 – 6, and the Senior School.  The winning entries from each category will receive a $5 voucher to spend at the tuckshop and this will be decided on Friday.

It is our absolute priority to keep our community safe as much as possible from COVID-19. We ask that parents and members of the community avoid being on the School grounds unless they are delivering essential equipment their son or daughter may have forgotten – please deliver to Main Administration Office or Junior School Office, volunteering their services, meeting with a member of staff, overseeing an organised CCPS Co-Curricular event, or attending a school event, such as Student Progress Conferences, previously named Parent Teacher Interviews.  No spectators are permitted at any sporting, extra-curricular or co-curricular event at our school or other SCISSA schools until further notice.  We will keep you updated on this.

If not already provided, parents and visitors meeting or working with students or staff on campus will be asked to leave information such as their name, date and time of attendance at the school. This is similar to what restaurants are collecting, for example.  This allows us to contact trace in the unlikely event of a COVID-19 case at the school.  It is important that you provide this information at either the Main Administration Office or Junior School Office.  This is a precaution in light of the increasing cases happening in the southern part of our country.  Parents with coughs, colds or who are feeling unwell are asked not to come to the school. 
All events at CCPS will have a COVID-19 safe plan.  For example the Senior Student Progress Conferences scheduled for Monday, 27 July have had the venue changed from the Library to the Henzell Building.  This is a larger space to allow for easy adult physical distancing and make the one person (adult) per four square metres easy also.  We will make available hand santaniser bottles and teachers will disinfect the desks after each meeting.  A similar process will be followed for the Junior Student Progress Conferences scheduled for Week 4. 
Harvey Mackey an American Businessman and author of many motivational books guiding people to success says, "Positive thinking is more than just a tagline. It changes the way we behave. And I firmly believe that when I am positive, it not only makes me better, but it also makes those around me better.”  Positive thinking and preparation are hopefully going to be our perfect match at this time.  Thanks for your understanding and patience.  Be well, happy and safe. 
Warm regards,
Sherrie Cuthbert

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