CCPS News - 20 August 20, August 2020

CCPS News - 20 August

Celebrating Humanitarian Day

Humanitarian Day is a global campaign that celebrates humanitarians - a “thank you” to the people who have committed their lives to helping others.  2020 is the eleventh year of acknowledging World Humanitarian Day.  This year is focused on paying special tribute to the real-life heroes who have committed their lives to helping others in the most extreme circumstances throughout the world.  The campaign focuses on what drives humanitarians to continue to save and protect lives despite conflict, insecurity, lack of access and risks linked to COVID-19.

This year, COVID-19 has been the biggest challenge to humanitarian operations around the world.  We thank all who are treating and preventing COVID-19, providing food to vulnerable people in need, providing safe spaces for those in lockdown and so on, all amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

School Captain, Eloise Whitney, with the support of Mrs Hatcher and many of our students acknowledged Humanitarian Day on Wednesday, 19 August.  Students traced their hands on paper, cut these out and attached them to sticks to make a sculpture representing their support of Humanitarian Day.    You may have noticed the sculpture during the week at drop off and pick up as it was located in the roundabout in front of Main Administration.  The hands are a symbol of us all being in it together and the importance of helping each other. 

Containers for Change

Year 11 students and Service Captains, Trinity Bennie and James Donnelly have started a program at the school to recycle.  Their mission is to help increase recycling at CCPS and they have made this change for students easy.  Trinity and James have set up a bin near the Tuckshop with photos of the containers that can be recycled. Queensland has one of the lowest recycling rates in Australia, at around 44%.  Each year, approximately three billion beverage containers are generated in our state alone and are the second most littered item.  So to help us all improve our recycling efforts and keep our beautiful environment litter-free, the Containers for Change scheme offers a 10 cent refund for each eligible container returned to a refund point. 

Trinity and James’ school Containers for Change program has also been successful in the Mark McArdle True Hero Grants - a fund that recognises outstanding individuals and community groups doing great things in the Caloundra Community.  Congratulations to both Trinity and James on their great work. 

Science Expo

We have had a great time this week celebrating Science Week.  Thank you to Mrs Gort and Ms Lush for running activities for our Junior students and for inviting all classes, Prep to Year 12 to get involved in our Science Expo that was held on Thursday in the Henzell Building.  It was great to see the creative and interesting experiments that our students in Year 7 – 10 have been working on this term.  All visiting students and teachers were given a raffle ticket to vote on their favourite display from each year level. There were also other awards for students based on effort, commitment and enthusiasm for their chosen experiment.  Congratulations to all students involved. 
Warm regards,
Mrs Sherrie Cuthbert

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