CCPS News - 18 June 18, June 2020

CCPS News - 18 June

CCPS is currently in the process of updating our policies.  The purpose of policies is a statement of intent and is implemented as a procedure or protocol to guide decisions and achieve fair and rational outcomes.  As such the policies are being updated by the School Board’s Audit and Compliance Committee and then presented to the School Board for approval in accordance with the school’s governing responsibilities. 

One policy that has been updated recently and is on the school website is the Parent Code of Behaviour.  A very important member of our learning community is you, our parents and ensuring that we all act in the best interests of the students of our school, their families and our staff members is paramount.  As a learning community our aim is to value our diverse community and respect the rights, religious beliefs and practices of individuals and their families by respecting points of view that are different from our own.  We aim to work in partnership with you to enhance the learning outcomes, wellbeing and conduct of our young people.  Speaking kindly and positively about each other and the school is important in building a happy, positive and thriving culture.  If you do have any concerns about your child’s learning, conduct or wellbeing, we encourage you to raise it privately with the class teacher, the Head of House, Head of Junior School, Head of Students or me, the Principal.  This way we can do something to assist.    As the policies are updated and approved, we will add them to the Policies link on the school’s webpage.

As we head into our last week of the most unique school term I can think of in my 27 years in schools, I’d like to thank parents for their support, expressions of appreciation and kindness.  I think COVID-19 has helped many of us refocus our priorities and hopefully we can take some positives from the experience.    
As I said in last week’s newsletter, we are excited about the prospect of the easing of restrictions that will allow us to once again run school events. The Queensland Government keeps this roadmap to safely exit restrictions up to date.  Last week I listed some of the school-wide events for Term 3 which begins on Tuesday, 14 July.    Our whole-school assemblies for Term 3 are scheduled for the following Wednesdays, beginning just after 8.30am: 22 July, 19 August and 9 September. 
Below is a summary of the Term 3 academic events for the Senior School.  A letter with all the relevant details will be sent to parents prior to the event.  I’m providing the summary so you can hopefully tentatively save this date in your diary.    

Senior School Events

  • QTAC Information Evening Wednesday, 15 July: 6pm For Year 12 students and their parents
  • Senior School Student Progress Conferences (SPC) Monday, 27 July: 3.30 – 7.30pm These were previously known as parent teacher interviews.  Students are now asked to attend.  Meetings are 10 minutes in length and need to be booked by parents through the parent portal from 3pm on Friday, 26 June. 
  • Academic Expo Tuesday, 11 August: from 5.30pm This replaces subject information evenings and students (and parents) in different year levels will be given a timetable that includes the presentation and subject exploration.
  • SET Plans for Year 10 students Wednesday, 12 and Thursday, 13 August Students (and parents) will be invited to meet individually with Mr Cuthbert, the Careers Counsellor to plan Year 11 and 12 studies. 

Warm regards,
Sherrie Cuthbert

You can read the full newsletter here. 

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