CCPS News - 10 September 11, September 2020

CCPS News - 10 September

Our Year 12 students have just finished two weeks of Mock Exams and on Friday night celebrate with their Formal, a special evening of glamour and good food.  I am looking forward to accompanying eleven other teachers at the formal.  This is one of the first of final celebrations for our Year 12 students.  It is a time of mixed emotions for us and our Year 12 students as we begin our farewells to them.  We are excited for them too at the prospects of their next exciting phase. 

We had six Year 11 students nominate for the 2021 School Captains’ positions.  Firstly these students submitted a nomination ‘essay’ where they explained why they wanted to be considered for the position.  They were asked to write about what the phrase ‘Leadership is more than the badge’ means to them and to list some of their goals for 2021 if they were successful.  These six students then had an interview with Mrs Tralau, Year 12 Coordinator and me, and then finally presented a speech to students in Years 7 – 12 at last week’s assembly.  Straight after the speeches, the students and teachers voted.  At this week’s assembly I announced and congratulated our 2021 School Captains, Trinity Bennie and James Donnelly.  I look forward to working with these students and the other captains who will be appointed in due course. 

There has been a lot happening at CCPS and there is still lots to happen before the end of term.  I will mention a few; events completed recently and events to be completed shortly!  On Thursday, we had our Fuse Cup E-sports competition.  Playing e-sports promotes digital wellbeing, teamwork and builds positive school spirit as we compete against other schools.  Mr Pride is building the skills of our new generation of E-sports participants in his E-Sport co-curricular for students from Year 4 up, which has run all term on Tuesday afternoons.  

On Friday, 11 September is our walk to school day in recognition of National Walk Safely to School Day.  The community initiative aims to raise awareness of the health and environmental benefits that regular walking (especially to and from school) can provide for the long term well-being of our children. Apart from the physical benefits, regular walking also has a favourable impact on student’s mental health and academic performance. Research by Orygen shows that regular exercise, like walking to and from school, can reduce anxiety and depression.

On Monday, 14 September is our City Arts Concert.  Our whole school is involved and we can’t wait to celebrate the term with music and a wearable fashion parade.  We will take lots of photos for you.  Thank you to Mrs Zakachard, Mrs Hatcher and our student helpers for organising this event. 

On Friday, 18 September we have our cross country carnival.  Fingers crossed it does not rain!  This will be a great way to finish Term 3 together.  Term 4 commences, the day after the Queen’s birthday public holiday, on Tuesday, 6 October. 

Warm regards,
Mrs Sherrie Cuthbert

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