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City Observer Newsletter 23 May 2019 23, May 2019

City Observer Newsletter 23 May 2019

The Federal Election brought close to 2000 people to vote at CCPS on Saturday in a great result for democracy in action, and for our School. Voters were pleased to come in to see the Raelene Boyle Hall, and enjoy our campus. They were also treated to the delights of our P&F’s hospitality with delicacies and hungry voter refreshments on sale in our Canteen, including the newly coined term, for the ‘Democracy Sausage’.

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City Observer Newsletter 16 May 2019 16, May 2019

City Observer Newsletter 16 May 2019

Despite this being the week of NAPLAN testing for all students in Australian education Years 3, 5 7 and 9, CCPS regards this as being a normal busy week for the children. No extra emphasis is placed on NAPLAN testing;

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City Observer Newsletter 9 May 2019 09, May 2019

City Observer Newsletter 9 May 2019

The Online Generation’s Life
A leading neuroscientist has warned excessive computer screen use has dramatically altered our brains and the impact can be compared to climate change in its complexity, controversy and global scale. Oxford University Professor Baroness Susan Greenfield's contentious view is that hours of time spent in front of screens is transforming us into "volatile three-year-olds…Millennials and young children are most prone to this neurological shift and reversing the effect was "literally in our hands.” Baroness Greenfield said unlike technological advancements such as the printing press and the television, computers have created a parallel virtual world that severs human interaction.

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City Observer Newsletter 2 May 2019 02, May 2019

City Observer Newsletter 2 May 2019

So Much To Tell You

They say a week is a long time in politics (I’ll omit ‘educational politics’ for this piece). We are delighted to have commenced Term 2, racing, with Mrs Stephanie Evans appointed as our Wellbeing Co-ordinator. In an exciting development for the School and our children, Mrs Evans will be attending CCPS each Tuesday and Wednesday until after lunch.

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CCPS Book Week 2019

It's that time of year again when CCPS senior and junior students dress up for Book Week! 8.30am


Nurturing a Healthy Mind for your Child

Join Caloundra City Private School and Dr Michael Nagel, an Associate Professor at the University of the Sunshine Coast, to find out! Dr Nagel will explain what you need to know about your child's developing brain and how to nurture healthy young minds. 6.00pm