Wellbeing update

09, October 2019
Wellbeing update

It is World Mental Health Awareness month and World Mental Health Day today.  This is all about encouraging awareness of mental health, and social and emotional wellbeing in our communities.  It can help decrease stigma and empower people to seek help, for themselves or others.  It gives people the awareness and the courage to consider mental health and social and emotional wellbeing as something they can work on.  This year’s theme is ‘Share the Journey’ and here are some ways we can do that:

  • Telling your friends and family when things are a bit tough
  • Finding others who have been through something similar
  • Connecting with your community
  • Finding a health professional you trust
  • Connecting on social media
  • Giving your pet a cuddle
  • Organisations working together for the best possible wellbeing of everyone
  • Sharing your stories with others
  • Creating a sense of security within families and communities
  • Reaching out to someone who might need your help
  • Decreasing the isolation people feel when things aren’t right

I believe we have come a long way over the years and broken down a lot of the stigma that surrounds mental health but we still have a long way to go.  I would love for mental illness and physical illness to be seen as one and the same in the future because after 16 years specialising in the area that is what I’ve seen, there is no separation.  People deserve to be treated equally.

Have a good week.

Ms Evans – Wellbeing Coordinator

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