Junior School News - 14 May

14, May 2020
Junior School News - 14 May

It was lovely to welcome back the students in Kindergarten, Prep and Year 1 this week. The students and teachers have been spending time reconnecting with each other and re-establishing their classroom routines. We are looking forward to being able to reunite with the students from Years 2 to 6 in the coming weeks.

BRAINways Education Programs

Following the success of the April holiday’s Academicus Online programs, and building on the tradition of excellent quality holiday programs made available in conjunction with Central Queensland University, BRAINways EDUCATION is pleased to invite gifted and talented students of Sunshine Coast to participate in the Academicus programs. Below is a list of workshops being offered during our next school holidays:

Programs offered for students in year levels 1-3:

  • Murphy’s Law Mathematics
  • Chemical Mysteries
  • Stuck in Front of the Screens: A Society with the Internet
  • The Philosopher at the End of the Universe

Programs offered for students in year levels 4-6:

  • The Mathematics of Fake News
  • Chemistry in Medicine: The Secret Science of Pain
  • The Greatest Revolution Yet: The Age of Technology
  • Where Is Your Mind? A Philosophical Dilemma in Creative Writing

If your child is interested in participating in this Program please contact Gabrielle Frisby at for further information.

Class News from 1LM

Excitement filled the air on Monday as the team from Year 1LM were finally all back together after having many weeks apart due to COVID-19. We were bubbling with enthusiasm and energy as we caught up with our friends and Mrs Montgomery. This week has been about reconnecting with each other, our classroom rules and routines and our school community (in a safe and socially distanced way of course). It has been a bit strange around our grounds as we are the oldest students in the Junior School area and we missed seeing all of our older siblings and buddies at break times, but we know that they will return soon. Here are a few thoughts from some Year 1 students about being back at school:

  • Levi: I am happy to be back at school to play with my friends.
  • Evie-Rose: I’m glad to be back because I’m so excited to see everyone.
  • Isla: Our classroom changed around inside, but it is good.
  • Charlotte: I like that we are back at school. I didn’t like home schooling. I like playing with my friends.

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