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The Wonderful Benefits of Music 12, October 2017

The Wonderful Benefits of Music

For thousands of years’ music has played a vital role in society. Music is fun; a source of entertainment and enjoyment. Music is science and mathematics. Music plays a role in medicine and psychology. Music education contributes to greater brain development and higher academic results in school-aged children. Music is a language. What is most amazing, is music is simply the vibration of air particles, which travel to your ears from the vibration of the object making the sound.  

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Choosing the right school for your child 28, August 2017

Choosing the right school for your child

Consider the Osprey. A highly intelligent and active sea hawk, full of personality with beautiful song, and farsighted looking into the future. The Osprey is a fine symbol for Caloundra City Private School and is showcased on our school’s coat of arms.

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