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School Promotions and Development 28, July 2017

School Promotions and Development

During the June/July school holidays, my wife and I spent 19 days travelling across the United States of America. Driving across the nation, we stopped in to visit a number of schools in Washington DC, Raleigh NC, Charleston SC, and Savannah GA.

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Transitioning to Prep:  Getting ready to start school 17, July 2017

Transitioning to Prep:  Getting ready to start school

Many parents of four-year-old children often find themselves wondering if their child is ready to start school. There are many aspects that need to be considered when making this important decision; the right decision will vary depending on the needs of each individual child. 

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Episode 11 - Antipodeans Abroad 10, July 2017

Episode 11 - Antipodeans Abroad

Every two years Caloundra City Private School offers its Senior students the opportunity to participate in an Antipodeans Abroad expedition. The program aims to empower students to take ownership, learn vital life skills and develop a better understanding of themselves, the world and their place in it. In November last year eighteen CCPS students and three members of staff completed a twenty-two day student led expedition to Vietnam.

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CCPS Book Week 2019

It's that time of year again when CCPS senior and junior students dress up for Book Week! 8.30am


Nurturing a Healthy Mind for your Child

Join Caloundra City Private School and Dr Michael Nagel, an Associate Professor at the University of the Sunshine Coast, to find out! Dr Nagel will explain what you need to know about your child's developing brain and how to nurture healthy young minds. 6.00pm