What our students, parents & teachers say

Michelle Fowler - Junior School Parent

Michelle Fowler

The incredible remote learning model our school leaders and teachers implemented throughout 2020 was successful and muchly appreciated. The level of tuition and engagement CCPS teachers have achieved is commendable. The students in all year levels showed great maturity by participating respectfully and applying themselves to their learning - a classroom culture and work ethic not easily achieved without good foundations. 

I have heard from many parents that their child has demonstrated real learning gains and are not nearly as concerned as they were originally about their child “falling behind”. Add that testimony to the confidence that our small cohort enables each teacher the ability to really identify and fill in any gaps of learning that may have happened during this time of remote learning reinforces that CCPS' model of schooling is incredibly advantageous to our children.

- Michelle Fowler

Rob and Heather Hartigan - Senior School Parents

Rob and Heather Hartigan

Rob and I just wanted to pass on our sincere thanks to all/everyone at CCPS for the fabulous job you have done in getting our kids learning from home.

The work that has gone on behind the scenes from IT gurus, all staff (principal, teachers, administration etc.) to get everything operational must have been enormous.  For teachers who have had to prepare and present a whole new way of learning – thank you.  It is a testament to everyone at CCPS how smoothly (from a parents perspective), the process has been. 

The relief I felt when Connor and Rhys logged on Tuesday morning to see the bright, bubbly, smiling face of Ms Tralau can’t be underestimated! 

We have tried to impress upon the kids that we should take the opportunity to embrace the challenges we are facing at the moment and try to find innovative and new ways of adjusting to what is the new “normal”.  We could not have done this without CCPS doing the same.

- Rob and Heather Hartigan

Molly Rava - Student

Molly Rava

I have been attending Caloundra City Private School for eight years. Since then this school has opened up a variety of different opportunities. In 2017 I was given the opportunity to travel to Canada for 6 weeks, which was a truly life changing experience. In year 10 the opportunity of completing a Duke of Edinburgh award was put forth. With an open spirit I took it upon myself to complete not only my silver award but I have since gone onto my Gold award. I can proudly say that I have completed the award in June 2018, and this month a certificate will be awarded to me by inspiring people from across Australia. This school has changed my life, before I came to this school I struggled with academics now I’m proud to say that after school I plan to study Bio-medical Science, which will lead to a career in medicine. Overall I really appreciate and thank all of the teachers that have impacted my learning and my parents for sending me to a beautiful school. I know that I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given and I believe that no other school could offer me the one on one learning and opportunities that this school has.

- Molly Rava

Cieran Kent - OP1 Student

Cieran Kent

Having attended CCPS for nine years before my graduation, I can say I am proud to have grown up in the CCPS family.  I have had the opportunity to travel on exchange to Japan and Scotland, which were both truly the experience of a lifetime. I also had the chance as a House Captain to lead Mclean house to their first ever championship.

I am grateful for the small class sizes and brilliant teachers, without which I would not have been able to achieve the School’s first OP1. Thanks to the dedication of the teaching staff, I am now studying Engineering at The University of Queensland.

- Cieran Kent

Natarsha Turner - Parent

Natarsha Turner

One of the most important decisions we make as parents is the school we select for our children's education.

We know we have made the right decision sending our three children to Caloundra City Private as this school provides our children with the most up to date education practices in the country.

The teachers have outstanding commitment and show a real and genuine interest in the children. Our whole family benefits from the schools values which are instilled into our children, and above all our children love and enjoy their school life.

- Natarsha Turner

Hannah Stuart - Student

Hannah Stuart

I have been at CCPS since Year Three. I am grateful to the School for giving me so many opportunities such as international volunteering and leadership roles. However, I am most grateful for the School’s support of my passion for Music which has allowed me to attend CCPS and Griffith Conservatorium for Music since Year 9. Although Music may not be the path I follow after School, it has given me a love of playing and performing that will forever be a part of my life. Thanks to the inspiring Teachers, I additionally have a passion for Maths and Science which I will most likely pursue at University. Although my path is yet unclear I am lucky to have many options, as a result of attending CCPS.        

- Hannah Stuart

Gabrielle Frisby - Head of Junior School

Gabrielle Frisby

I have been a member of staff at Caloundra City Private School for eleven years and during this time I have had the very rewarding experience of working with the great students, parents and staff that constitute our wonderful school community.

The School acknowledges that education involves the development of the whole person – intellectual, physical, emotional, social and moral and accordingly provides a wide variety of academic, cultural, sporting and extra-curricular opportunities for all students.

The Teachers proactively promote curriculum delivery that is futures driven and dynamic and all students are nurtured to reach their potential in a supportive caring environment.

- Gabrielle Frisby

Bino and Nyui Hasegawa - Japanese Students

Bino and Nyui Hasegawa

When we came to Caloundra City Private School, we had problems speaking and listening English however after spending time in Australia for a few months, our English skills started improving as well as our school results. This is thanks to the support of our host family and our school teachers at CCPS. The study schedule and many assignments is really hard sometimes but when we remember about that later, we realised that it is a really valuable experience for our future life.  We are so glad that we have been able to meet the expectations of the teachers. We would recommend CCPS and the community to anyone seeking International schooling.

- Bino and Nyui Hasegawa